Kitchen Sink

Ann Magnuson bcbpam at
Wed Mar 8 12:17:39 EST 1995

ceecwl at (Craig Lawson) wrote:
> I think that the correct place for us women in the kitchen making dinner,
> washing clothes, cleaning and worshipping our spouses.
> I enjoy the privelage that my husband gives me i.e. making love to me. To me 
> this is a great reward for the tasks that fill my day with joy.
> As for women who goto work, I believe they are greedy and should allow men to
> go out and work, so they can go visit the pub with their friends. Us women
> should be grateful we have a man. We should present them with children and be
> their special sex slave.
> I hope this does not offend,
> Ribena Tims.

Very funny. One thing should be perfectly clear:
This is NOT the right forum for cracking silly jokes, if that's what 
it is. Please find another newsgroup to play around in.
If nothing else, you have offended the group by wasting bandwidth.
A multitude of irrelevant postings is a sure way to lose a chance for
interesting debates.

Otherwise I very much enjoy reading this group.


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