Kitchen Sink msg came from Craig Lawson

4700gbera at 4700gbera at
Wed Mar 8 10:08:30 EST 1995

In article <01HNV641JE4E8WX8QP at>, PLACKIE at CARLETON.EDU writes:
>Craig Lawson has probably enjoyed his small-minded prank.  
>The odd part of the absurd "Kitchen Sink" message is that Craig made no attempt
>to conceal his original address.  Either Craig is the yutz he appears to be or
>someone has appropriated his address to make him look that way.  I *suppose* it
>is possible that there is a Ribena Tims (the signature) and Ribena used Craig's
>account to bless us with her wisdom.  I hope you also find this the least
>likely scenario. 

I'd like think that Claig just forgot to log out one day, and someone decided
to play a very annoying joke on him. 

Either way, I want to point out that the best way to respond to posts like 
this is not to respond at all! We don't need to see the message 
propagated over and over again. Just ignore it, and it's impact will be

This and other women in science groups are just magnets for nitwits. It really
depresses me.

-- Gina

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