Kitchen Sink

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Wed Mar 8 18:25:31 EST 1995

Ann Magnuson <bcbpam at> wrote:
> ceecwl at (Craig Lawson) wrote:
> >

[drivel deleted]

> > 
> Very funny. One thing should be perfectly clear:
> This is NOT the right forum for cracking silly jokes, if that's what 
> it is. Please find another newsgroup to play around in.
> If nothing else, you have offended the group by wasting bandwidth.
> A multitude of irrelevant postings is a sure way to lose a chance for
> interesting debates.
> Otherwise I very much enjoy reading this group.
> Ann


The best way to deal with a troll [i.e., a person who posts inflammatory
material in order to elicit angry reactions] is to ignore him. This
type of indignant reaction is what he feeds on.

He doesn't have a chance of ruining any debates if he is totally

Regards, Hadass

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