Graduate school and parents

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Fri Mar 10 03:07:58 EST 1995

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> So, my question is this:  For those of you with families, did you have
> children while you were in graduate school or wait until you had started
> your first "real" job?  If you could do it over, would you do anything
> differently?  I've been thinking that conceiving after most of my work at
> the bench is completed, but before defending would be ideal (I wonder if
> the stress would warp the poor baby?!). 

Just a word of caution: you may not be able to plan things as nicely as you
want, with respect to timing. Quite a few have to spend months or years
before they actually conceive, so that the baby arrives at a completely
different time that originally "planned". So, whether you decide to try
when you're a student or later, allow plenty of time and don't expect
things to go exactly as planned (then you don't get disappointed).

Good luck.

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