Is gyn neglected for OB?

Ruhlen Rachel rar453s at
Thu Mar 9 23:22:21 EST 1995

As I've been hunting around for a possible med school to attend that doesn't 
require me to be a resident of that state, I've run across a trend in the 
curricula of med schools.  For "women's studies" they stress obstretics lots, 
and gynecology only for cancer.  I noticed this also when the gyn at the 
student health center on campus died in a car wreck-- anyone else I wanted to 
ask questions of was always primarily an OB, and secondarily GYN.  This is 
frustrating to me because I do not want to be an OB, and I think the field of 
gynecology is broad enough that I could specialize in that and have plenty of 
work to do.  Which leads me to wonder: is gyn being neglected?  Why is everyone 
OB?  I know plenty of people who have had problems with infections, menstrual 
cycles, etc of all ages.  I don't think pregnancy is the leading "problem" or 
change women experience--although I could be wrong.  Does anyone else have a 
more educated opinion than I do?


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