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Sat Mar 11 00:38:51 EST 1995

Shelly--What is possible?  Anything you decide you want to do.  The tick
is discovering what is available and presenting yourself as competent and
eager to do it.   Some suggestions for a BS in Biology as a foundation:  
consider the biotech industry, but not necessarily as a bench scientist,
or maybe start there but don't stay too long.  Think about law, patent &
corporate law as related to bht biotech industry, or perhaps business. 
Most brokerage firms use analysts with technical backgrounds in addition
to business credentials.  As a chemist in a small biotech company, its
always refreshing to have our company covered by an analyst with a strong
technical understanding of our science.    Just some thoughts, feel free
to e-mail me if you'd like to talk more.  (I am a PhD chemist--in my
current position, I have been responsible for an amazing variety of things
from design & construction of a manufacturing plant, to contracting
sterile dosage form production, to analytical method development, writing
sections of regulatory filings to the FDA, and now starting up a contract
manufacturing branch of the business involving marketing, trade shows,
advertising, business plans, and budgets (in addition to chemistry).  Go
for it!!     Barbara Duhl-Emswiler     mareel at aol.com
Barbara Duhl-Emswiler  mareel at aol.com

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