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Cathy Quinones quinones at orchid.UCSC.EDU
Sat Mar 11 14:25:19 EST 1995

In article <D5AH8J.2H3 at> davey at ([ Davey ]) writes:
>     I am compiling an anthology comprised of creative, original written 
>pieces describing women's direct experience with the abortion process.  I 
>am currently soliciting work (stories, poems, plays, essays, etc. . .) of 
>between one and twenty pages for review.  
>     The focus of this book is not political in nature, nor does it seek 
>to be moralistic.  
>     It's purpose in the sharing of stories is concerned with developing 
>insight and perspective into an often deeply emotional issue.  I am 
>seeking to represent a wide range of voices.  
>     For more information and to submit type written work, please send 
>SASE to:

With all the current violence against clinics that offer abortion services,
at least in the USA, not to mention the people getting shot, I would be
VERY cautious to be sending a home address to a random stranger. 

To the poster of this request, don't take this personally.  To people who
would consider sharing their personal stories and may follow up on this
request, do think about whether you want god knows who knowing your
address (and assuming you had an abortion?).

I hope this person is indeed able to compile stories that help other
people gain insight on the topic of abortion.  Again, I hope nobody is
offended by this warning/suggestion for caution.  [If anyone wants a
glimpse of what some people in cyberspace think about abortion, and what
they think about women who have them, check out alt.abortion, or
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