Request for creative writing RE: abortion

Davey davey at
Sat Mar 11 13:41:06 EST 1995


     I am compiling an anthology comprised of creative, original written 
pieces describing women's direct experience with the abortion process.  I 
am currently soliciting work (stories, poems, plays, essays, etc. . .) of 
between one and twenty pages for review.  
     The focus of this book is not political in nature, nor does it seek 
to be moralistic.  
     It's purpose in the sharing of stories is concerned with developing 
insight and perspective into an often deeply emotional issue.  I am 
seeking to represent a wide range of voices.  
     For more information and to submit type written work, please send 
SASE to:
                                  Elizabeth Lawrence
                             11 Monmouth Street, Apt. 2
                               East Boston, MA 02128 

	I currently do not have an E mail address.  And your address will 
be kept confidential.

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