Graduate school and parents

Mareel mareel at
Sat Mar 11 00:52:14 EST 1995

Barb--I'll share my two cents, evn though I chose not have children.  I am
a working chemist (Ph.D., organic/pharmaceutical) in industry for 15
years.  I have several women chemist friends with children, and from
observing their careers and parenthood situations, I would say your plan
is ideal if it works out that way.  Writing up a thesis is a time almost
"out of time" so to speak, no one really cares that much how many years
you spent in school.    Its harder in industry especially just starting
out, to decide to take time out away from chemicals (good idea, so long as
its YOUR choice, not the company's edict!).   Its a issue I face
frequently as a manager of scientists--finding ways for them to work
safely & productively during their pregnancies.  As more women become
managers, the situation is bound to become easier;  I have no trouble
doing things for my people that my first managers (men as it happens)
could or would not do to accomodate pregnant scientists, and the parents
of young children.      Good luck to you.     Barbara Duhl-Emswiler
Barbara Duhl-Emswiler  mareel at

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