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> > So, my question is this:  For those of you with families, did you have
> > children while you were in graduate school or wait until you had started
> > your first "real" job?  If you could do it over, would you do anything
> > differently?  I've been thinking that conceiving after most of my work at
> > the bench is completed, but before defending would be ideal (I wonder if
> > the stress would warp the poor baby?!).  Oregon State has great student
> > health insurance, so that's not a consideration. 
> I think this a great plan. Having had kids in my mid 30s and after a
> postdoc, I wish now that I'd done it earlier.
> Several women I know have been pregnant while writing their thesis - it's a
> great time because a few extra months or a year or two at this point are
> really not a big deal on the resume. Later than this, then I think you risk
> getting into worse career-family conflicts, unless you wait until you are
> very securely established (i.e., tenured or such). And possibly less
> fertile then.

One of my officemates defended her dissertation while she was pregnant. 
Unfortunately, she was one of the unlucky ones who stayed sick through
most of the 9 months.  She found writing under these conditions extremely

Perhaps this period time is appropriate in terms of your career, as the 
previous poster has suggested.  I think that there are physical concerns
to consider as well

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