An interesting discovery

DrAnn25652 drann25652 at
Sun Mar 12 03:16:39 EST 1995

Hello, everyone,

My name is Ann-Elise, I'm new to the list, and I found something very
interesting today. I have a question for any entomologists out there in

An old mud-dauber wasp nest fell off of my basement door this afternoon. I
turned it over to examine it and found each little compartment to be
filled with what appeared to be at least one spider (hairy striped legs),
as well as some small  exoskeletal elements. Some of the compartments
contained cocoons (larvae inside) instead of the large spiders. [all of
these things were long dead!]
I realize this may be a confusing explanation, but I WAS curious...which
came first? The spider or the wasp? *ha* Has anyone seen this before? This
is when I wish I'd studied entomology in addition to cell bio:) Thanks in
advance for any answers/explanations:)


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