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Christoph Gartmann GARTMANN at IMMUNBIO.MPG.DE
Fri Mar 10 12:31:00 EST 1995

In <12977085 at dancer.Dartmouth.EDU> Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU writes:

> I was wondering the same thing myself (how long the posts stay up)  I quit
> using a newsreader and went to email, because the posts disappered so quickly,
> but I know bionet is trying to encourage newsreaders.  Maybe we could lengthen
> the time a post stays on the list?

Just to make things a bit more clear: the time how long an article will remain
in a newsgroup solely depends on the manager of each news server. Here I keep
all articles in this group for 60 days. Thus, it is up to you to contact your
news-, system- or other managers and tell them to modify the expiration time
for this group.

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