Request for advice regarding graduate work in bio

KarenSwartzkswartz at KarenSwartzkswartz at
Tue Mar 14 10:42:26 EST 1995

I graduated from Rice in '92 with a BA in German, but I want to 
return to school (for an MS or PhD) in conservation ecology/fish & wildlife.
(I've been in the corporate world for ~3 years.)

I am planning to take a year's worth of undergrad upper level bio
courses and then tender my applications, but would like some advice.

1. Should I concentrate on simply upper level bio/ecology courses (I've
already taken basic bio), or take courses like chemistry, calculus or
statistics instead?

2. Will one year be enough? 

3. What schools would you recommend? (I'm interested in U.Vermont,
U.Mass, Oregon State...)

Thanks in advance...

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