Finding work in bio, with kids

James James
Wed Mar 15 17:29:09 EST 1995


I have a female friend who is looking for work in biology, preferably
in the environmental field.  (Sorry if I screw up any bio-references,
I'm an engineer.)  She's 29, married but separated, has three kids
ages 3, 5, and 9, and has a bachelor's in biology with a minor in

My question (well, hers, but she doesn't have net.access) is this:
What are the options?  She's put in resumes at every bio company in
the area, networked through the school, all sorts of stuff, but no
luck.  We'd appreciate any suggestions you might have, especially
concerning how to survive on student/intern wages and still have
someone watch the kids during work&no-school hours.  I never realized
how expensive daycare was!  Too bad Dan Quayle never had to be a single


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