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> time male counterparts.  I currently do free lance abstracting of medical 
> literature for a government database at home as well as teach a few 
> courses at a local college.  I do enjoy it, but I sometimes miss research.
>   Are there really quality part-time opportunities for research out there?
>                                Janet in PA

We have a lab tech who only works for us half-time (though, as it happens,
she was picked up by our neighbouring lab for the other half of her time)
and she's encouraged to do some research work as well as the more mundane
lab maintenance work.  However, this isn't really a Ph.D.-level type
position.  Afraid I don't have any other suggestions!

However, I am interested in hearing more about this abstracting work you
do.  What does that involve?  I haven't heard of this before, but it
sounds like something I might be good at...

- Hannah

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