Karen Swartz - Classes for Grad school

Cindy Hale chale at SAGE.NRRI.UMN.EDU
Thu Mar 16 13:57:07 EST 1995

I tried sending this to you personally but it got returned so decided to 
just post it.

You might look at the University of Minnesota, the St. Paul campus has a 
Conservation Biology program that is very highly reccommended by students 
that have been involved.  Another to check might be Utah State, I've heard 
good things about it too.

I terms of coursework I would talk to faculty or the graduate director of 
the program(s) you are interested in and see what they would prefer you 
have AND what would make you competitive since many of these programs 
are difficult to get into, though I know the Uof MN program likes folks 
with diverse backgrounds so that is not neccessarily a detriment to you.  
Another consideration is that you will have TONS of deficiencies comming 
into any program, since you do not have a biology or related undergraduate 
degree.  You might want to check out what those would be and decide at 
that point whether or not to try to get them satisfied before you enter 
any program.  It's tough to make up a lot of deficiencies while trying to 
work on current coursework and a thesis.  It also may be much less 
expensive to make some of them up at community colleges or as an adult 
special rather than at graduate student tuition rates.Some things to think 
about, good luck, and welcome to the field!
Cindy Hale
University of Minnesota - Duluth
Natural Resources Research Institute

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