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>One problem is that she does not have a letter of recommendation from her
>male advisor due to what the University is calling an "incombatibility"

  It's obviously difficult to get a position without a letter of
recommendation from your graduate advisor.  However, it's not impossible. 
If the PI in question has a history of "incompatibility" problems, others
in the field may know of this and take it into account.  I have known
several grad students & post-docs (male & female) who faced this problem,
with varying results.  The most successful had impressed other faculty
members in the Dept. during their graduate or post-doctoral careers.  These
faculty were then willing to write strong letters of recommendation which
went beyond a summary of the scientific strengths of the job candidate to
briefly address the specific situation in the "home" lab.  A simple
statement that "X is not the first person to have problems with Professor
Y" can do wonders.  Another potential source for a "counteracting"
recommendation would be a former post-doc in the lab, now safely ensconsed
in a job, who is aware of the situation.  While a letter from such a source
might not "count" as much as a letter from a graduate advisor, it could
help explain the lack of support from the latter.

  Is there a reason that your wife is only looking for postdoc positions in
industry?  She might have more success with a wider search. 

Good luck!     


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