Is gyn neglected for OB?

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> I absolutely feel what you say is true. I have had some very bad
> experiences with my HMO. At this HMO, women are asked to take all their
> care from GP's. Only in the case of a special "problem" are you referred
> to an OB/GYN.  After going thru a difficult pregnancy and miscarriage, and
> traveling thru this system, I realized how outrageous it is not to provide
> women ROUTINELY with specialists who are familiar with women's health in
> particular-- GYNECOLOGISTS. We don't just need them to perform D&C's and
> give birth to our babies-- we need them for routine care. We are half the
> population-- and deserve medical care from specialists in our biology.

Here in Madison we have pretty decent HMOs. There is one which has a great
women's clinic - the internists there focus on women's health, and all the
relevant speicalties are available there. Unfortunately, we belong to a
different HMO and are reluctant to switch because we want to keep our kids'
pediatricians. Oh well... 

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