Finding work in bio, with kids

Janet Rosen NNFQ99A at
Fri Mar 17 13:41:13 EST 1995

You bring up a really important issue.  The answer I have found is to 
leave traditional research and piece together other accepable  employment 
to leave me time to spend with my kids.  I quit soon after I received my 
PhD because I was not willing to put in the 10+ hour days.  I work 2 part 
time jobs now - both related to my training - but neither in research.  
It's the trade off you get by having kids - and I wouldn't have it any 
other way!  I wouldn't miss the flexibility or time my piece work career 
gives me to spend with my kids.  Do I miss the challenge of the lab?  
Absolutely.  Did I have a choice?  Absolutely not!  

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