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Sheri J Lillard lillard at
Fri Mar 17 15:34:49 EST 1995

This is in response to the post which requested ideas/suggestions for those
who have kids and have research oriented jobs. (I don't have the poster's
name, since I deleted the original post accidentally).  My situation is
this:  When our son was born (while I was an undergraduate), we lived nearby
both sets of grandparents, in addition to other relatives.  I must say,
having family able (and willing!) to babysit was a lifesaver at the time! 
When I started grad school (and we moved 2000 miles from home), this option
obviously was no longer available.  Our son was 2 at the time, and we did
not feel comfortable just putting him in daycare in a strange place we had
just moved to.  For the first year, my husband held jobs in the evening, and
watche our son during the day while I was at school.  For the last three
years, we have put our son in daycare, and it has been a very positive
experience for all of us.  Fortunately, daycare in this town is not too
expensive, and of very* high quality.  Not to mention, our son absolutely
loves going!   This past year, he has been going to daycare half days,
because he started school in September. 

For me, being pregnant as an undergrad, and raising a toddler during grad
school has worked out well.  After reading the many posts about difficulties
finding jobs when pregnant or being pregnant after finding a permanent job,
I am even more positive that the timing was right for us.

My $0.02--

Sheri J. Lillard
lillard at

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