Affirmaive action?

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Fri Mar 17 18:31:18 EST 1995

emklann at MARLIN.BIO.UMASS.EDU ("Ellen M. Klann") writes:

<What do other people (both genders welcome) think on this timely
<question? Are women in general comfortable with affirmative action? 
<When jobs are so scarce, do men harbor a deep seated resentment that to
<this point has been "politically incorrect"?  Is affirmative action for
<women a out-moded or ill concieved concept, or is it a continuing
<necessity?  Where do we go fromhere?

Good topic, Ellen. Don't know how I feel. Part of me says-- we don't need
affirmative action for women anymore. I say this because I think the
things holding us back ar not hiring ar entry practices. I think education
of young girls-- what goes on in classrooms is a big factor. Also, working
atmosphere and conditions. Women still bear brunt of family
responsibilities-- and flexibility in job situation is not offered most
places. These problems aren't fixed by affirmative action. 
Part of me says it's still needed--  our department was overwhelmingly
male-- and even they admitted that if we had equally qualified
applicants-- we should hire a woman over a man. And we did, for a new
position that came up. Hiring her was very important to provide balance,
for us as faculty-- and for the students to see and interact with. She is
abundantly qualified-- as much so or more than other applicants-- but her
being female was a factor. We make no apologies for that-- and males in
the dept were very instrumental in that-- no resentment.

Ruth Gyure, Madison WI

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