Looking for new friends-- Bronx, NY?

Toby Hecht EGMP88A at prodigy.com
Fri Mar 17 23:02:23 EST 1995

I was a graduate student at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine about 
20 years ago and I have to tell you that they were the best years of my 
life.  This was because everyone was so friendly and accepting and 
despite the tremendous stress I was under daily in my studies and thesis 
research, there was a great deal of support and friendship.  I hope 
things haven't changed.  I am in tumor immunology now (viral immunology 
then).  BTW, my dad lives in New Rochelle...it's a nice place to live and 
raise kids.  Toby Hecht
HECHT at NCIFCRF.gov (use this e-mail address if you need more info)

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