Karen Swartz - Classes for Grad school

Syndallas Baughman sbaughma at uci.edu
Sat Mar 18 11:06:36 EST 1995

Hi Karen,
   Something to think about is that not coming from a biology background
an admissions committee might pay even more attention to your letters of
reccomendation.  If you don't know bioscience faculty members who could
write really strong reccs than you might want to take the upper level
courses and/or try to hook up with a research project.  In my department,
Eco Evo @ UCI graduate students are really involved in recruitment.  I
think that admission committees, as long as you have a reasonable
background, tend to be more concerned that you have a good idea of what
you want to do and that you can be self directed and do good interesting
   So my advice would be try to take some of the basics but definitely
take some upper level courses (Ask around and find out what coures are
really good. You don't want to waste you time at this point.)  These kinds
of courses will also be closer to the things that you're interested in so
they'll help you focus your direction and you'll learn more in them.

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