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Sun Mar 19 22:57:15 EST 1995

lillard at (Sheri J Lillard) wrote:
> This is in response to the post which requested ideas/suggestions for those
> who have kids and have research oriented jobs. (I don't have the poster's
*snip* for space...

I think there is no *convenient* time to have kids and a career.  There
is no reason not to have both, you just have to make whatever adjustments or sacrifices
that are necessary!  I waited until after I defended my PhD to get pregnant, thinking
it would be easier.  Of course, now I am on the postdoc roulette wheel, and it is not
easier!  If you want kids, you should have them when you feel ready, and just
work the career thing around it.  After all, we may not all be fortunate enough to
make a lasting contribution with our work, but we do with our children; they are
ultimately more important.

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