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DJC poland djcpoland at aol.com
Mon Mar 20 10:56:01 EST 1995

     The best strategy I have found come from  a phrase in "Greening of
America":  Reveal options by living them.  Therefore, rather than go all
the way with the old-girl network or all the way with the one-of-the-guys,
design your own idea of the proper way to carry out a scientific career. 
I, for instance, value my other talents and think they should not go
undeveloped, so I have decided to work no more than a 40 hour week (not
unusual for successful scientists in Europe, by the way).  I've also taken
time out, three years once, and my latest move that defied normal ideas of
success, was that, three years into a FIRST grant, which is not allowed to
support a foreign institution in any way, I decided to move to Poland
(long story, and, of course, it involves my man).  I've worked out a plan
for the fourth year that involves spending about 5 months at the US
institution where my grant is, and 7 months at the Polish Academy of
Sciences, but, if it doesn't work, I'll lose that fifth year and find
myself with only my Polish job, which pays $160 a month.  My Post Doctoral
supervisor told me never to ask anything from him, even a recommendation,
again, since I was "abandoning science".  Oh yeah?  Seems to me that I'm
being willing to give up over half my pay and live half the year in a dorm
with med students away from my family in order to continue doing science. 
It's just a matter of values.  Live your own, both at home and at work. 
Donna J. Carty

"To be perfect is to change often."  John Cardinal Neuman 

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