Affirmative action?

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Mon Mar 20 23:29:07 EST 1995

Pearse Ward (wardp at wrote:
: To answer Ellen's questions, I must first state that I am vigourously 
: opposed to affirmative action hiring policy on the grounds of its 
: unequal treatment of the sexes.  Preferential treatment FOR women on the 
: basis of gender is unfair, just as discrimination AGAINST them on the 
: basis of gender is unfair.  

	Agreed.  I don't like the two different attitudes that are
	taken towards the sexes.

: In my humble opinion, gender equality (and by 
: this I mean genuine equality of employment opportunity, and not the 
: satisfaction of some facile yardstick of "equality" such as equal 
: numbers of men and women on faculty) can and should be achieved through 
: employment policy which forbids discrimination on the basis of gender.  
: The only acceptable policy on hiring is that the best person for the job 
: should be awarded the prize.

	Agreed.  The problem long time ago was that jobs were being 
	denied women because they were women.  To alleviate that problem
	is to make the discrimination against women in hiring or similar
	illegal, not affirmative action and quotas and things like that.

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