Finding work in bio, with kids

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Tue Mar 21 16:09:25 EST 1995

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> This question is in line with my previous question of several days ago (to
> which I still have not received a response!)...
> How do women out there have kids and still pursue a research career?
> Finding the time to have kids while getting your Ph.D., doing your
> post-doc training, etc... is one thing.  What to do with them after you
> give birth is another!!
> Many Ph.D.s I know hire nannies or have their parents ("grandma and
> grandpa") take care of their young children while they go to work.  I am
> not sure how much the former normally costs (in the NY area specifically),
> but the latter option is not available to me!  
> The other unavoidable fact is that the work hours of professional research
> can go from 8-13 hours a day.  This would not (of course) be possible with
> kids...this is the tradeoff of having kids (i.e. appearing
> "unprofessional" to some because you no longer work these hours).  
> Any comments?

I seem to be posting too much to this group recently - sorry if anyone is
bothered :-)

First: yes, the main problem is what to do with them after they are born!

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