Affirmative action?

Coscolluela Eileene ecoscoll at
Wed Mar 22 02:08:38 EST 1995

Syndallas Baughman (sbaughma at wrote:
: But what about cases where both candidates are equally qualified for a
: job?  Many times a department can be deadlocked over a hiring decision
: should affirmative action be a consideration then?  
:    I think it should.  I think that there is a certain snowball effect.
: Women and minority mentors help open the door for other women and
: minorities.  Many times an affirmative action decision is what started the
: ball rolling.  

	In this case, I do think that something like Affirmative
	Action should kick in.... but I don't likethe concept of
	quotas.  I don't want to be hired because I'm a woman.
	I don't want to be hired because I'm a minority.  I want
	to be hired because >I am good< and I deserve the job.

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