Affirmative action?

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Wed Mar 22 02:21:01 EST 1995

Neo Martinez (szmrtnz at wrote:
: if a women or minority has qualifications even close to "the best
: candidate,"  the woman or minority should be selected because they
: probably achieved their qualifications by surmounting that vastly larger
: obstacles than the white male. 

	I don't think this is always the case.
	Yes, I've had a rough life but, I know many white males who
	have had greater obstacles in their life than I have had and
	we have achieved the same things.

	I mean, >I< don't think I've had a really hard life.  I 
	think that it has been quite easy, actually.  I do well in
	school and I get praise that I don't think I really deserved,
	just because I was female.  Isn't that stereotyping?

	Maybe it's just me, but I just haven't experienced any
	really difficult situations.  I've been in classes when there
	have been almost all men and I've never had problems in 
	dealing with them.  I take on a very professional attitude,
	could that be why?  Could it be than in the honors classes,
	the attitudes are different than in standard classes?  I don't
	know, but I know that I've never had any difficulty in being
	a woman.  I've never had any more obstacles than my male
	counterparts, atleast none that I have seen.  I think I do
	things just as easily (or have just as hard time with something)
	as they do.

	I never have seen much of a difference in the sexes (other
	than the fact that most men are stronger then women) and the
	ideas that 'men are more logical, women are more creative'?  
	I've never seen it.  Granted, there is a greater number of 
	men in my mathematics classes, but it didn't seem so hard
	to apply myself and do the math.  There are many guys in my
	creative/art-type classes, and I don't see them being any
	less creative than the women.

	Have I lived in a 'sterile' environment?  I just don't see it,
	so I don't care for things like affirmative action, because 
	I don't see the discrimination.  It's not like I can't see
	discrimination (I'm very active in gay, lesbian, bisexual,
	and transgendered rights), but I really haven't felt it 
	towards myself for being a woman or being a minority (a little,
	but not the extreme that I think affirmative action takes it
	to be).

	Any ideas?

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