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Let me ditto this by saying my husband (who is also a faculty member)
and I put off having kids until we were well- ensconced as assistant
professors (for me, this was after 6 years of being a postdoc, and
after 5 yrs of being an asst prof; I got tenure the year after I had my
first child) and I'm glad I did.  We really enjoy our kids (two girls,
aged 4 yrs and 13 mos).  It's such a challenge trying to juggle
research, your egos, and a marriage with kids that I'm sure I wouldn't
have been able to handle it when I was a postdoc or grad student.  We
manage by staggering our schedules- I take the girls to daycare and
work from about 9:00- 7:00 and he works from 7:30 to 5:30 and picks
them up.  A large part of our ability to cope comes from having the
financial resources to afford outstanding daycare, house-/yard- keeping
help, and several take out meals a week.  This would have absolutely
not been possible when we were both poor postdocs.

Women- don't worry about your biological clocks running out when you're
in your early thirties.  Prenatal care is so good these days that it is
not considered unusual anymore to have a child in your late thirties or
early forties (I had my second after I turned forty and it was a
problem- free pregnancy and a drug- free birth).  

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