Affirmative action?

Julia A. Keith Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Wed Mar 22 15:30:59 EST 1995

There have been three job searches here in the last four years, and in each
case the top 1 or 2 candidates chosen were women.  We have yet to hire a woman
though, even though the search committees felt it was a priority.  Why?  The
single candidates weren't interested in coming here because they felt the
social life was limited and they got job offers from bigger and better places. 
The ones with significant others all needed a job for their spouse, not easy in
a small department, though we did try.  So who gets the jobs?  White males with
significant others who are willing to work in their spouse's lab or come here
without a job.  There's more going on here than just old boys network keeping
women down-I think there is a tie to the idea that women are often the more
flexible partner.

just some mussings,
julia keith

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