Affirmative action?

DJC poland djcpoland at
Wed Mar 22 12:57:50 EST 1995

    At the present moment, both affirmative action and an effort to chose
the best person for the job are in effect, and yet men are getting such a
high percentage of the higher level jobs.  I think we can all agree, that
overall there are only the most minute differences between the abilities
of men and women.  Certainly, the differences are small enough that
individual differences among members of the same sex easily outspread the
differences between the averages of the sexes in any given area. 
Therefore, if the best person for each job was being chosen, then, given
the equality of our abilities, and our proportions in the various
professions, more women would be turning up in those jobs.  I would say
there is something wrong with the bases on which the judgements concerning
who is best qualified is being made.  So how would we change the methods
of chosing so as to not need affirmative action as a "fudge factor" to
make things come out the way they should if we actually do believe women
have equal abilities?
Donna J. Carty

"To be perfect is to change often."  John Cardinal Neuman 

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