Affirmative Action?

Beatriz Y. Gonzalez beatriz at
Thu Mar 23 15:22:30 EST 1995

Appart from the highly publicized cases were they have hired an 
unqualified minority just to fill up a quota, I have only seen 
affirmative action in action (pun intended) once. I knew a man who
had a masters in biochemistry and they wouldn't add his name to the
interviewees list. He was obviously qualified for the technician job
so he went and complained and they had to put him on the list. (He is 
black) Of course, he got hired right away. It was probably the secretary
at personnel that refused to do her job.

What I have seen again, and again, is people that everyone knows are
going to be hired for a certain position. The prospective employer
still goes through the whole charade of having to interview other people
even though it's known beforehand who will get the job.

In conclusion, I don't think this may have added anything new to the
discussion, but the point was that I still don't know what A.A. does
but if it was useful in helping people to have their name considered
it's probably worth keeping.


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