EPA CALL FOR PROPOSALS: 1995 Solicitation for Socioeconomic Projects Related to Pollution Prevention

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The United States Environmental Protection Agency 
Fiscal Year 1995 Solicitation for Socioeconomic Projects Related to
Pollution Prevention


Apply to:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Research and Development
Office of Exploratory Research (8703)
401 M Street, SW
Washington DC  20460

€ Introduction

 This Announcement describes a solicitation of the U.S.  Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) to support projects directed  toward furthering
the objectives of the President's Environmental  Technology Initiative
(ETI).  The ETI is an integral part of the  Administration's broad new
technology policy, which is outlined in  "Technology for America's
Economic Growth:  A New Direction to  Build Economic Strength".  This
government-wide policy recognizes  that industry is the primary creator of
new technology and the main  engine of sustained economic growth.  The
policy assigns the  federal government a catalytic role in promoting the
development of  new technologies for use across a range of sectors
including auto  manufacturing, computers and electronics, iron and steel,
metal  finishing and plating, petroleum refining, and printing -- as well 
as converting defense technologies to civilian applications.  The  ETI
addresses all of the above sectors that are concerned with  environmental
EPA seeks proposals to conduct socioeconomic initiatives related to 
pollution prevention -- i.e., projects focused on policy reforms, 
opportunities for building innovation capacity, and diffusion of 
innovative prevention technologies.  EPA's interests in this  instance are
clearly distinct from conventional socioeconomic  research and
development.  That is, they go beyond study and  analysis of issues to
apply existing knowledge in pioneering  attempts to effect social or
institutional change with respect to  promoting development and
implementation of innovative technology.  EPA is directing approximately
$3.5 million this fiscal year (FY)  in awards under this initiative to
nonprofit organizations.  Proposals averaging $150,000 per year with a
maximum duration of 2  years are sought.

 Nonprofit organizations are generally defined as those  organizations
that qualify for such status under Section 501(c) of  the Internal Revenue
Service tax code.  Examples of nonprofit  organizations include public and
private universities, as well as  trade associations, professional
societies, research consortia, and  community development corporations.

€ Rationale

 EPA has structured its ETI project-selection process for FY95 to  conform
to the strategic ETI objectives contained in the Agency's  Draft
Technology Innovation Strategy (EPA 543-K-93-002), January  1994.  This
strategy has the following objectives (please refer to  the draft Strategy
document for more detail on these objectives):

 1)   Policy Framework:  Adapt EPA's policy, regulatory, and
      compliance framework to promote innovation;

 2)   Innovation Capacity:  Strengthen the capacity of technology
      developers and users to succeed in environmental innovation;

 3)   Diffusion:  Accelerate the diffusion of innovative
      technologies at home and abroad; and

 4)   Environmental and Pollution Prevention Technologies:
      Strategically invest funds in the development and
      commercialization of promising new technologies.

 This solicitation is focused on pollution prevention-related  proposals
that support the first three objectives.  Proposals  relevant to the
fourth objective are being sought jointly by the  National Science
Foundation (NSF) and EPA through a contemporaneous  solicitation.  

Information about the joint solicitation can be  obtained from either NSF
(pfirth at nsf.gov; voice 703/306-1480) or  EPA (202/260-7474).

€ The Application

Application forms and instructions are available in  the EPA Research
Grants Application Kit.  Interested investigators should review the 
materials in this kit before preparing an  application for assistance. 
The kits as well as  additional general information on the grants  program
may be obtained by contacting:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Office of Research and Development
Office of Exploratory Research (8703)
401 M Street SW
Washington DC  20460
Phone: (202) 260-7474/Fax: (202) 260-0211

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