Affirmative action?

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Thu Mar 23 22:45:36 EST 1995

Neo Martinez (szmrtnz at wrote:
: 	The unfair part is that, since kindergarden, white males have been
: taught that they were the preferred race and gender.  They get called on
: more than women and racial minorities.  They get more social encouragement
: to achieve.  

	I think this is a generalization.  I didn't have a problem in my
	elementary school.  Times changing, perhaps?

	I went to a seminar once where I was the only women (it dealt
	with men issues) and many of them had this guilt over the fact
	that they were white and male.  Like, all of the oppression in
	the past was placed upon their shoulders and they are put down for
	it when they don't do the discriminating.  Many of them talked
	about being 'ashamed' of being white males.  Is this right?

: 	As for solutions, more effort and money should be put into
: affirmative action, not less (at all levels, especially elementary
: school).

	I think more money needs to be spent atthe elementary schools
	to teach diversity and get rid of notions like affirmative
	actions.  So it's no longer necessary.  Put money into the
	education to PREVENT having to have affirmative action,
	not into affirmative action.

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