Affirmative action?

Teresa A. Carabeo carabeo at
Thu Mar 23 22:08:11 EST 1995

I have a question:  How can we account for the disparity in the number of 
men in high level positions vs. the number of women in similar positions?  
One cannot seriously suggest that men are that much more qualified than 
women and minorities, can one?  
With this in mind, I believe we need Affirmative Action.  It is not a 
level playing field even after 20+ years of AA.  Can you imagine what 
it will be like without it? 

				-- Teresa
				   carabeo at

Ps.  Eileene, I don't understand your response below.

Coscolluela Eileene (ecoscoll at 
wrote: : DJC poland (djcpoland at wrote:
: : who is best qualified is being made.  So how would we change the methods
: : of chosing so as to not need affirmative action as a "fudge factor" to
: : make things come out the way they should if we actually do believe women
: : have equal abilities?
: : Donna J. Carty

: 	Get the women who DON'T exert themselves because their parents
: 	or educators tell them they aren't good enough to realize the
: 	potential in themselves.

: 	I'm certain that most of us have seen and used our potentials
: 	but there are many women out there (of their free choice or not)
: 	who do not apply their abilities.

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