Affirmaive action?

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Fri Mar 24 21:08:35 EST 1995

>   emklann at MARLIN.BIO.UMASS.EDU ("Ellen M. Klann") writes:
>  I am pondering the future of affirmative action for women in academia.  Now
>  that its usefulness and fairness are being called into question I detect a
>  backlash is starting.  In particular, a reply to the U Conn Dept. Head
>  position advertisement was posted several days ago stating that U Conn was
Dear Ellen,

This is the first time that I have tried to access this group so I hope that  this message gets to you.

I have an asssociate degree in electronics technology and have worked as an electronics technician alongside a varied group 
of men.  The general feelings of the guys toward those few women techs in the group was that that were somewhat 
uncomfortable working with women because most of them had not worked with us before.  Some felt and we did not belong in a 
male-dominated technical field and some felt that we were taking the jobs away from the men who needed them. ( One actually 
told me that I needed to get married and stay home!).

However, the majority of them were willing to give us a chance and they found that we did excellent technical work.

I am now studying to get my civil/structural engineering degree and have been told by more than one woman engineer to expect 
 prejudice in the work place.  I have also been told that because I am a woman I will have an easier time finding a job and that 
statement has angered some of the guys that I go to school with.

I would be interested in hearing from any woman engineers what they have found out there in the real world.

Irene Toews tshand at

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