Leaking pipes, was Re: old girls and hiring

Julia A. Keith Julia.A.Keith at DARTMOUTH.EDU
Wed Mar 29 13:06:16 EST 1995

--- You wrote:
Where are the women?
Why arent they applying?
--- end of quoted material ---
My own, undocumented idea?

Because most of them see as post-docs what the scientific climate is like
nowadays-60 hour weeks, little time for families, a real funding crunch, no big
bucks, and they say WHY?  Does my love of research (which in most faculty
positions will only be a part of my job) justify this course?  I'm interested
in the number of male science postdoc "drop-outs" nowadays too.  While the % of
women dropping out is higher, it may be because we often feel we choose this
route-my male friends got on a treadmill early on and don't often think about
"what else could I do?"

Julie Keith

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