Interview with a woman

Ellen M. Klann emklann at MARLIN.BIO.UMASS.EDU
Fri Mar 31 10:53:34 EST 1995

Its seems like the bottom line is that although they can not ask you
directly about your family plans there are many ways it can be approached
indirectly.  Also, completely avoiding any personal topics during the more
informal momments of the job interview could well be viewed as stand-offish
and unfriendly-- not traits you look for in a colleague.  Perhaps the best
approach is to think about these questions and prepare honest but positive
statements about personal topics.  I think I would work these
statements into the interview at times of my choosing to be sure there are
no negitive assumptions on the part of the interviewer, but also to be sure
the topics are approached in a manner that suits me.


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