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Fri Mar 31 10:26:28 EST 1995

In article <199503301737.JAA10220 at>, eoshuster at UCDAVIS.EDU (Beth Shuster) writes:
>On 3/30 Gina <4700gbera at> wrote:
>>going to grad school here, and that I'd probably be finished in about a year.
>>The employer then demanded to know what  *my* plans were after graduating,
>>because he wanted to hire someone who was "committed" to the position.
>  It may be that the employer phrased the question the wrong way - an
>employer has every right to ask a potential employee whether or not they
>are looking for a long term vs a temporary position.[snip]
>are going to be much more interested in someone who will stay significantly
>beyond the training period (whether that involves formal coursework or just
>"getting to know the job".  

I can certainly understand that. It was an environmental lab, and my SO was
quite qualified for the job. The training period would have been rather short.
We were a little touchy on the subject, considering that he had just been 
laid off twice, due to 'downsizing'. Actually, now that I think about it,
I believe the place he was interviewing for had a pretty high turnover rate,
and wasn't considered a very good place to work. Maybe the boss was thinking
about that. But generally, the guy's attitude was pretty bad. I think if 
someone else had asked that question in a different way it wouldn't have 
been so offensive.


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