Affirmaive action?

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I forward the following (with permission) to the newsgroup.

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: Some of the skeptics who write to this newsgroup might asl why I say
: that hiring new women faculty is good news.  A number of women
: undergraduate advisees of mine have told me that their confidence in
: themselves as potential scientists was significantly enhanced by
: taking courses taught by women.  Just having the opportunity to view
: other women in the professor role made it more clear to them that

: was a perfectly appropriate and comfortable position for a woman to
: hold

This is so true!  I completed a BS in Agricultural Engineering, and i
only had 2 female professors (they both looked so young).  I then
completed a second BS (in Plant science), at a department with an
all-male professorship.  When i went to UCD to do my MS (Viticulture &
Enology) i was glad to have a good exposure to female professors, and
what professors!  This contact with them really opened my eyes.  One of
them eventually became my major professor, and i can sincerely say that
developed more confidence in my work and my role as a scientist.

Gloria Mercado-Martin

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