Affirmative action?

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Coscolluela Eileene (ecoscoll at wrote:

: 	I think more money needs to be spent atthe elementary schools
: 	to teach diversity and get rid of notions like affirmative

I did not grow up in the US, so i am not terribly familiar with the 
school system.  However, when i came here to go to college, i had to take 
a number of "General Education" courses.  Among them, i had a choice of 
Ethnic Studies:  Asian Studies, Afro-American Studies, Chicano-Latino 
Studies, even Women Studies was in that category!  And the first thing i 
thought is that when someone is 20 years old it is a bit too late to start 
enlightening him/her about another race or gender, when one has already 
built preconceptions, prejudice and even resentment.  Do the kids in grade 
school have good exposure to all the different races that are part of the 
"melting pot"? 

My front-door neighbor, a sweet and very smart 13-yr-old Filipino kid, was 
complaining that he has to take "Square Dancing" this semester. It is ironic, 
when about 70% of his class is non-white.  Does it make sense?


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