looking for some mentoring

Fri Mar 31 19:46:33 EST 1995

Hello, everyone

I am looking for some information, and I hope you can help me find it.
I have recently decided to go on for my doctorate,and have chosen science
education as my future goal.  In other words, I will supervise student
teachers learning to be teachers of science for grades K-12.  My question
mainly is what special planning can I do to make this program work?
Is there anyone else on this newsgroup that is currently in this line of 
work that can help me directly?  Are there professional meetings, publications,
or groups that I can attend, subscribe to, or join that will provide me with
information?  In other words, I know what I want to do, can you give me an idea
of how to go about it?  

I'm awaiting your answers.


Linda Evers
eversl at axe.humboldt.edu
Department of Biological Sciences
Humboldt State University
Arcata, CA  95521

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