small college teaching and the 'promised land'

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> My university was extremely dedicated to top quality undergraduate 
> education and it recruited the best students it could get its hands on, 
> both in and out of state.  In addition, this university has built its 
> entire reputation on assessment.  There is constant feedback between 
> students, professors, and administrators as to what's working and what's 
> not.  

Where did you go to undergrad?  Was it a private school?  I wonder if the
attitudes of students at private schools differ from those at public
schools.  I went to a California State U for undergrad (no grad program,
just us undergrads) and while there were the whiners and the premeds, I
think most of the students were pretty motivated to learn and the upper
division courses remained challenging and interesting (this may have had a
lot to do with the department rather than the school as a whole).  I think
I got a great education there and I really enjoyed myself.  I too was
amazed at the level of whining when I came here and TA'd, but nothing as
extreme as what you describe.  Anyway, I think that teaching at a small
college with motivated students would be great, but it's not for

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