Should women be held to same standard?

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Mon May 29 02:32:25 EST 1995

Ruth's second post below should convince everyone that this thread is not 
based on flame bait.  Still, I have some difficulties with it.

It seems that this woman is being held to a much higher standard than is 
typically applied to males.  I know of several males that engage in 
similar or more intensely inappropriate behavior and it seemed to have no 
affect in them receiving tenure...  they consistently get it anyway.  

Indeed, the woman in question was probably educated in an environment
where male teachers often engaged in such inappropriate behavior.  It can
even be perversely seen as "one of the perks of the job."  That this woman
would have her tenure threatened whereas males (in my experience) don't is
just another perversion.  It was reassuring to me that Ruth did some more
research and found that one of her trusted and respected colleagues also 
engages in similarly inappropriate behavior.  Good reality check! 

What is most disturbing is that the enthusiasm for holding the woman
professor responsible may reflect the following:  We can't hold men
responsible which makes us even more inclined to hold woman responsible.

In other words, this behavior is a problem and I see no need hole women 
to an even *higher* standard than men.

On 27 May 1995, RGyure wrote:

> Friends:
> It seems some of you felt my original post was a "troll" to stir up
> dissent. It was not. I have tried not to breach the privacy of others and
> don't think I have. Comments received have been very helpful-- this has
> been a difficult week for me. 
> For those of you interested in how this incident was resolved-- I chose to
> consult some senior faculty (women) and ask their advice. A senior faculty
> person outside our department is going to speak with this individual and
> let her know (whether info circulating is true or not) that the behavior
> in question is DEAD WRONG and if continued, tenure is not possible.
> Further, we will follow up with official grievance procedure on behalf of
> students in class who have legitimate concerns about what happened during
> the semester, with grades, etc. 
> This issue is one that of course involves persons of both sexes, and both
> must of course be held to same standards-- but it is an unusual
> circumstance, and brought out a lot of weaknesses in our system. First of
> all, our college has no sexual harassment policy!!  I was shocked, and
> felt a little responsible. Secondly, I discovered that my male Chairperson
> was grateful that I had taken this "head-on" myself, becasue he was a
> little reluctant to pressure a female faculty person--   the fear being
> that he himself would be accused of gender bias!! These are real issues,
> folks, and we need to be able to talk about them. Please don't be angry
> with me for bringing them up- I'm interested in all points of view.
> By the way, as I investigated this case, I learned that a male colleague
> had engaged in some much more serious innapropriate behavior. This was
> very shocking to me, since I had always admired and trusted this senior
> individual. Suffice it to say, this week has been hell, and I have been
> tempted to wash my hands of it completely, but I do know I have serious
> responsibilities, given the things I believe in. Your support is
> appreciated.
> Ruth 
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