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Wed Nov 1 12:55:16 EST 1995

sll2s at wrote:
>Since we are on the general topic of authorship, I have a question.  I am
>getting ready to publish my first paper and I was wondering whether anyone has
>any opinions as to using initials vs. full first/middle name, assuming the
>journal gives you a choice. The journal I'm publishing in does give a choice
>and I've decided to use my initials only.  My reasoning is that by only using
>my initials the reader cannot be biased as to the sex of the author(s) and
>evaluates the paper on its merits alone.  I don't know the frequency that such
>bias occurs or if it matters (if the reader met me he/she would find out soon
>enough that I'm female).
>Any thoughts,
>S. L. Osowski

As an information  scientist who frequently carries out searches for
all papers/publications by a particular author (often with inadequate
information provided by the requester) I would say give the maximum
information you can! Journals vary in their policy as regards name or
initials being published, and databases vary still further. Make sure
you can be identified positively; it can only help.

Just my $0.02

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