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AM Rodriguez arodri03 at
Fri Nov 3 13:35:38 EST 1995

>   Martha Lanclos <mcl7821 at> writes:
>    Over age 40, female, and my first semester of my Ph.D. program.  The 
>  number of questions and lack of understanding (on my part) is formidable. 
>   Would anyone care to discuss, i.e. general advice, or is this a muddle 
>  through as best you can situation.
>  Martha Lanclos <mcl7821 at

Don't desperate. I understand you may feel like if,  are such studies for me or not?  Take a slow pace at the beggining, one or 
two classes. Specially if you have a lot of catchup to do,  take your time and get to it. Then increase the number of classes,  
as you can. How would you feel in 5, 10 or 20 years from now if you give up? Do you like the picture? I know it takes a lot of 
time, but, don't worry, time will pass the same anyway. I think it is better to go for it, than let the time pass and at the end have 
Best wishes and keep going, you are not alone.

Ana Maria Soler-Rodriguez
arodri03 at

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