research w/o teaching?

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Mon Nov 6 17:41:23 EST 1995

tross at (Tamara K Ross) wrote:
>After viewing the discussion of teaching positions without research, I
>began to think about the job market for doing research without the
>demands of teaching.  I am interested in research, but am not currently
>as interested in teaching as I feel that I should be to pursue an
>academic position. 

There are "academic" research only positions.  Some universities have
adjunct research faculty, and of course there are research institutes
that are research-only.  However, the downside is that these tend to
require the investigator to recover a large fraction of salary from
grants (so called "soft money") and it isnt a good time for getting 

Also, speaking as a research institute faculty member with
few formal teaching responsibilities, running a lab involves a lot
of teaching, if you run it properly.  Not the lecturing in front of
classes variety, but still, teaching. The best students, postdocs
and techs dont want to work in a lab in which they can't learn from
the PI.  The nicest part is that the PI can also learn from the lab.


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