research w/o teaching?

Tamara K Ross tross at
Mon Nov 6 15:30:03 EST 1995

After viewing the discussion of teaching positions without research, I
began to think about the job market for doing research without the
demands of teaching.  I am interested in research, but am not currently
as interested in teaching as I feel that I should be to pursue an
academic position.  When I started along the road to a PhD (Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology program) I thought I might pursue a job in
government, but it seems like those jobs are drying up just as fast as
the academic jobs are.  Does anyone have any insight into other options?
I enjoy science, but hope that all the effort that I have put into
graduate school isn't going to be wasted if I can't find a job when I

Tamara K Ross
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Program
Iowa State University
tross at

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