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Karen, Kevin, et al.

I disagree strongly on this one.  If you worked to formulate the idea, 
then lead the charge in doing the work, and wrote the paper then the 
decision is with YOU!  Of course politics enters the arena when speaking 
to boss and tech about it.  Of course you MUST be fair, be honest, and let 
them know what you have decided about YOUR work.  Any reasonable PI should 
value the work of their employee and support the recognition of THE 
EMPLOYEE for THE EMPLOYEE'S WORK!!!!  This is about POWER and 
POLITICS not science.  Don't get shortchanged in this.  You DESERVE better.

Joy Frestedt
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ryan at  <ryan at> wrote:

>In article <46th4q$pjs at>, ravena at (Karen Allendoerfer) writes:
>I suggest you discuss with Boss the outside possibility you mentioned:
>John, Boss, You. Sometimes a PI can be convinced to go along with this
>especially if he/she is tenured and the research is not crucial to the next
>grant application. If Boss is agreeable, this might be of some additional
>benefit to you in your own upcoming job search, reflecting your
>supervisory/managerial role in John's work. The decision will be with Boss on
>this one, but you should sound out the possibility.

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